Fotis Chatzidimitriou,

Biopathologist - Microbiologist, MD

Physician-Biopathologist Fotis Chatzidimitriou studied Medicine at the University of Rome, while obtaining a license to practice Medicine from the University of Messina in Italy. At the same University of Messina, he attended a specialized course and was trained in Human Fertility and Infertility covering a significant range of diagnostic procedures and management of Reproductive Health (Corso di Aggiornamento Sulla Infertilita di Coppia). He specialized in Biopathology at the General Hospital of Larissa, the Oncology Hospital “Metaxa” and the Children’s Hospital “Aglaia Kyriakou”, while during his military service he served as a General Practitioner at the Military Hospital of Mytilene (STEP).

Dr. Chatzidimitriou, is a private doctor since 1997 and Scientific Director of Diagnostic Laboratory with valuable experience in the whole range of diagnostic tests but also with special interest in the investigation of fertility, in collaboration with Reproductive Physicians, Gynecologists and Andrologists-Urologists. He is a member of the Hellenic Microbiological Society, the Panhellenic Association of Medical Biopathology, while he is also a member and collaborator of the Hellenic Hematological Society (EAS). He has been proclaimed and still serves as the President of the Association of Laboratory Physicians of Thessaly and Central Greece for several consecutive years.

He has received an honorary distinction for his voluntary contribution by providing medical services to citizens of the Municipality of Almyros for the period 1998-2014, but also for his lectures targeted to both Doctors and Patients, including sessions organized by Bone Marrow Donors and “Orama Elpidas” associations. Mr. Chatzidimitriou in collaboration with educational governmental departments has also organized and delivered the training of students in microscopy techniques with particular emphasis on sperm analysis and the identification of pathogens in sperm. He has given lectures and training seminars in the field of his specialty, while he has participated in training programs based on continuous scientific development and specialization.