Andromed participates in the IFFS World Congress 2023

Participation of Andromed Fertility Diagnostic Center in the Congress of the International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS World Congress 2023)

Professor Marjan Sabbaghian from the Royan Institute presented the preliminary results of the collaborative research study entitled “Pregnancy with a globozoospermic partner – the role of sperm morphology in ART outcome”, in which Andromed also participates with the Geneticist, Embryologist Dr Evi Vogiatzi.

The present study investigated success rates through assisted reproduction and specifically through ICSI in cases with severe morphological disorders in the spermatozoa and specifically in cases with globozoospermia. Our data showed that conventional ICSI is an adequate approach for patients diagnosed with high rates of such morphological anomalies during semen analysis and this approach achieves fertilization, pregnancy and birth rates similar to the general population.

Additionally, at IFFS 2023, Andromed‘s Reproductive Biologist and Molecular Biologist Ioannis Chrysanthopoulos, presented the results of his study entitled “COVID-19 and Miscarriages: an Unknown Relationship”, which explores the ongoing issue of the impact of COVID-19 on human fertility and reproduction.

The International Fertility Federation Congress (IFFS World Congress 2023) was held in Athens, September 10-13, 2023.