Frequently asked questions for the tests

This is a logical thought as good results can provide reassurance; while other indications can save you time and point you to the appropriate treatment. For a basic screening we suggest a semen analysis and sperm culture for the male partner and a basic hormonal test for the female partner, which in combination with the ultrasound and clinical examination by your Gynecologist, will give you a clear first picture of your reproductive health.

During any treatment or IVF procedures you may be asked for additional tests such as hormonal, hematological, biochemical, virological and molecular tests as well as advanced fertility testing for men to ensure better results. You may additionally consult our scientific staff for matters of fertility and reproduction, without of course interfering with the treatment and medical procedures you are already undergoing.

For semen analysis and other tests performed on semen samples an abstinence of 2 to 7 days from sexual intercourse or ejaculation is necessary. Indicatively, we recommend abstinence for 2-5 days and in particular for the examination of oxidative stress and sperm DNA fragmentation we recommend 2 to 3 days of abstinence.

The hormonal tests in women are usually performed on specific days of the cycle as your Doctor may have already pointed out, while for other examinations you may need to fast for a few hours before the examination. No special preparation is required for the molecular tests.

During our appointment schedule you will be given clear instructions in order to carry out your exams properly.

We usually do not interrupt our medical treatment for the tests, unless otherwise instructed by your doctor or when booking your appointment with us. You can, in any case, inform us during our communication to guide you.

The blood sampling process for most tests lasts just a few minutes, except for some special instances such as for the determination of glucose curve for which you will need to stay at the Center for some time until the test is complete. The sperm sample is collected at the convenient timing of each man, without feeling pressure or stress for any restriction.

For some tests it will be required to record some additional information that will allow us an accurate medical evaluation, so you should also consider a possible short discussion with one of our experts.

Depending on the nature of the medical tests, you will be fully informed about the length of time required for their proper conduct until the receipt of the results and the communication from our Center.

It is purely your choice and preference if you also want to invite your partner to attend the day of your examination. In any case, we are happy to discuss either with each one of you or with the couple as a whole.

You can collect the sample at your place, in a sterile urine collector that can be purchased from the pharmacy and transport the sample to the Center within one hour from the collection time and always according to our pre-arranged appointment. We recommend that you try to preserve the sample close to body temperature (37oC) (e.g. by wrapping some cotton around the sample container) but also to keep it away from natural or artificial light (e.g. in an upright position inside in the carton package of the sample container).

A discreet, quiet and secluded area is available exclusively for sperm collection. We do our best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in our space and to have maximum privacy. If the entire sample was not successfully collected or there was some difficulty in obtaining the sample then you can let us know, as the loss of a sample may affect the test results.

Yes, you will need an appointment for any exam or counseling session. This helps us prepare our facilities and the required documents for you, so that everything is ready for your appointment.

It is important to consult your Doctor for the necessary medical examinations, if you do not have a specialized Doctor we can recommend one of the associates of our Center. You can also undergo some basic fertility testing as a precaution, but medical advice on the results is required to know the exact state of your reproductive health.

We acknowledge the very sensitive nature of personal data and the right to privacy, especially in matters of fertility and reproduction. At our Center we reassure you that discretion and confidentiality are our priority, as we follow strict procedures on personal data protection. We keep the records of your exams encrypted with restricted access only by the appropriate scientific staff, while if you wish to receive the results in your email address then these are password-protected so that only you can have access to your information.

You are welcome to contact our Center and talk to us about anything you would like to discuss or have concerns with. You do not need to have taken any tests at our Center to talk to us. We have consultants who specialize in fertility and reproduction and are ready to answer all your questions, as well as a scientific associate specialized in psychology, if you feel you need support.