Alexandros Colaghis

Urologist, MD, MSc, PhDc

Dr Alexandros Colaghis, Urologist – Andrologist, is a graduate of the Medical School of the University of Bari, Italy in 2002 with a grade of 110/110 (excellent) and a dissertation in “Laser treatment of paraneoplastic dermatological diseases”. Dr Colaghis also holds a Master’s degree in “Health Unit Management” from the Hellenic Open University. As a doctor in the Artificial Kidney Unit of Sismanogleio Hospital in Komotini, he participated in the research activity of the unit from November 2004 until June 2006. He performed the general part of his specialty in the 1st Surgery Clinic of N.I.M.TS., with active participation in the surgical procedures of the Clinic (2006-2007). For the specialization part in Urology, he received a five-year training at the Urology Clinic of the Amalia Fleming General Hospital in Athens, throughout the whole range of urological surgeries and procedures, both open and transurethral, and managed a large number of urological cases. He received his specialization Degree in urology in December 2011. He has received a distinction with the 3rd prize for best oral presentation at the 20th Panhellenic Urological Congress (Limassol 10/2010). He has taken part in postgraduate theoretical and practical courses held in Milan (2008), Stockholm (2009) and Barcelona (2010), while he is certified in Urological ultrasound examination, following six months of training at the St. Panteleimon Hospital in Athens (2012). He has collaborated with major private hospitals in Athens and today, in addition to his personal practice, he is also the Director of the Urology Clinic at the Piraeus Hospital and an associate of other Urological Units.