The Diagnostic Center

Andromed Health & Reproduction was established in 2015 as an Advanced Andrology Center for Research and Biotechnology that gradually evolved into a specialized primary Health Care Unit for diagnostics in human Fertility and Reproduction. With extensive experience in male fertility, we progressively incorporated female fertility investigations and molecular testing for both partners and pregnancy to our services.

Today we reliably offer a complete range of diagnostic tests in Fertility, Infertility and Reproduction, while a team of acknowledged scientists and collaborators is always by your side to offer you personalized consulting and medical approaches tailored to your needs.

We constantly invest in the specificity and quality of our tests as we are well aware that our results in combination with the clinical evaluation by your Doctor define important decisions for you and your family, but also ensure the best possible outcome of any fertility treatment or assisted reproduction cycle.

The experience of our scientists, the continuous upgrade of our medical services with the latest clinical data, but most importantly our patient-centered approach are points on which we focus and persist so that your experience throughout fertility investigations and during your effort to expand your family, is the most optimal possible.

Having as ultimate goals the common welfare, the exchange of scientific knowledge and the improvement of medical management in Fertility and Reproduction, we actively participate in global scientific developments in the field by contributing scientific data, publications and advisory support. We collaborate with Medical and University Organizations of high international impact in scientific studies and announcements, as posted in the section of our website “Scientific Projects”. This valuable experience is integrated in our scientific approaches and interaction with you, providing a true companion in your family journey.

Our Values




Our Policy and Social Responsibility

At Andromed Health & Reproduction our values ​​are: moral, honesty, responsibility, consistency, reliability and authenticity. Overall, the operational procedures of the Diagnostic Center, the human relationships of staff and associates and our relationship with our customers are based on these ideals. On these foundations we build the quality of our services, promote innovative actions, invest in our partnerships and seek a two-way relationship with society.

We voluntarily incorporate social and environmental concerns and actions into our practices while respecting human beings, human dignity, human values, the right to equal treatment and our environment. Our code of ethics aims at the commitment of our people to the values ​​of the Center, to ensuring dignity in the space and the transmission of our values ​​in our cooperation, service and daily operation. We ensure health and safety in the workplace, we are committed to the direct and indirect social community and environment and we develop our philosophy based on common welfare.

We reduce the impact of our activities on the environment by recycling all permitted materials, we manage medical waste with certified and environmental friendly destruction, while we choose eco-friendly consumables and equipment at most possible instances. We create an accessible and friendly environment for all social groups, ensuring equal treatment and quality of services for all, strictly protecting the privacy of personal data. We often offer free counseling support and a predetermined number of free examinations to our fellow individuals in need, in support of weaker social groups. In parallel with the operation of the Center, we work to promote Research, Science and improve the investigation of fertility with personalized management, through our voluntary participation in global programs and scientific studies on fertility and reproduction. We periodically review and improve all our operating procedures giving priority to safety, health, communication and care.

Our Premises

Our facilities are easily accessible from main roads and compose a friendly and functional environment that offers comfort and privacy. In our laboratory we have the latest technical equipment and we incorporate in our protocols all the new scientific data, constantly upgrading our technological and scientific approaches.